Taking Donations for Boy Scout Troop 008 in Georgia

Boy Scouts Targeted by Thieves

Donations are currently being accepted at both our Marietta and Roswell locations.

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared,” but you might be hard pressed to find anyone who’d be prepared for someone stealing a Scout trailer out of a church parking lot. The TruPrep family are firm believers of giving back to our community whenever we can and needless to say, this sad story made us want to take immediate action.

In recent days, Troop 008’s trailer filled with camping supplies in preparation for their big camping trip planned for September 27th through the 28th was stolen. While this is an extremely sad and unfortunate event, it does give us; the community; a wonderful opportunity to unite and help put a smile back on the faces of these Boy Scouts! Please show your support by either donating replacement camping supplies that can either be purchased or dropped off at both the Marietta and Roswell locations. All items donated will be recorded and delivered to the Troop in time for them to make their big camping trip a wonderful success!

Troop 008 has posted a list of their main need supplies on their website. Below is a copy of the items:

  • An enclosed trailer
  • Coolers
  • A large, 3 burner propane stove
  • Coleman 2 burner stoves (propane)
  • Coleman lanterns (propane)
  • 20 pound propane tanks
  • Propane distribution trees
  • Small shovels and rakes
  • Tarps (large and small)
  • Long ropes
  • Sturdy pots and pans of all sizes and shapes
  • Cooking utensils of all types
  • Cleaning equipment (SOS pads, dish cloths, towels, wash pans)
  • Water containers
  • Zip lock bags, paper towels
  • Butane lighters, fire starters, etc.
  • Cards and small games

Please visit the TruPrep Facebook page for all updates!