September is National Preparedness Month

Hello September! Hello kids-back-in-school 🙂 Hello apple season and homemade apple pie! Hello National Preparedness month! What?

Yep, September is national preparedness month. A whole month, not just a day or a week but a whole month. Why is that you may wonder. Well, I think it is because it is pretty darn important, that’s why.

September 2013 marks the tenth annual National Preparedness Month, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the US Department of Homeland Security. You can check out their Ready Campaign at

What should you prepare for? Well, that depends on you. Take a quick look through the pages of history and ask yourself: Which of these emergency situations will never happen again? (you can weed that one out) Which one of these situations am I guaranteed will never happen to me and my family? (weed that one out too). Once you get the possible scenarios narrowed down, determine your best course of action (yes… there is a hint of sarcasm in those questions… you should know me by now). The truth is this: history repeats itself. There will be another tornado that rips through another town. Natural disasters are not over. War and ugliness is not over. Personal emergencies like job losses are not over.

If you are new to preparedness, you’ve come to the right place. One of the first things that newbies are surprised to find out about the kind of people who frequent our establishment is that most of them are not wackos with aluminum hats. The majority of the people that I talk to on a daily basis are run-of-the-mill blue collar workers or business people that you would expect to run into at a church function. So don’t worry, you are not crossing the threshold of crazies. It’s all good.

September is a great time to get acclimated to a preparedness mindset. The kids are back in school and you are able to think clearly. Be careful not to get overwhelmed though! All it takes is an afternoon on youtube and you are a gonner! If you are the novice prepper, you will benefit from a visit to Truprep. Our staff is awesome at helping people find a path to preparedness.

If you have been prepping for some time now, September is a great month to take inventory of what you have (if you haven’t done so in a while). You need to stay on top of what you have and what you need. Even a very well organized person (such as myself 🙂 can forget what was put in that blue tote on the top shelf. Use this time to check dates on food items. Check your system and make sure that you are rotating your food like you should be.

However you celebrate National Preparedness Month, make sure you are proactive! Reading blogs is a great thing… if you act on what you read. We are happy that you are part of our Truprep family and it makes us happy to know that so many people will be okay when that “something-nasty” happens.

Peace ya’ll