New Year’s Resolution

If I set my 2013 New Year’s Resolution according to my accomplishments in 2012, I would resolve to again gain more weight, spend more money and generally lose track of time. Seriously, where the heck did 2012 go? Instead, I think I will set more ambitious (yet attainable) goals.

I resolve to have more fun with my family, to take better care of myself because I only have one me, to laugh more and to shake off the little irritating things that life throws at me. Also I resolve to better manage my money and to stick to my budget (Yeah… I hate the “B” word too.)

Sometimes I find it difficult not to spend my entire paycheck on prepping stuff. I am around it all day long and there is always something else that I want. I also have to be careful with my time because it is easy for me to get caught up on YouTube or some other site for hours. The truth of the matter is, it can get a bit overwhelming. So I figured out a simple solution (and I suggest this for you too): I have made a list of the survival items that I want to purchase (in order of importance) and I have put aside a part of my budget every month for the things on my list. That way, little by little, I am insuring my family’s survival… just in case.

Overall, 2012 was a good year for me, but sadly, not for everyone. 2012 had some doozy natural disasters. According to Tim MacWelch in his article entitled “The 20 Worst Natural Disasters of 2012” posted on, “2012 will go down in the history books as having some powerful and even record breaking natural disasters. Thus far, the year has seen super storms like Hurricane Sandy, epic droughts, month-long wildfires and unprecedented weather like the June 2012 Derecho.”  This article is laid out like a disaster yearbook with pictures that you might feel like you could walk into and experience yourself. Now, I didn’t personally experience any of these natural disasters, but it doesn’t mean I won’t in the future.

So I will hope for the best for 2013, and at the same time I will plan for the worst. I will laugh more, play more ping-pong and put up more food. I resolve to do all of this starting January 2nd! (I have a feeling I might be laid up with the cocktail flu on the 1st.)

Happy New Year!

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