2013 Christmas Prepping Gift Buying Guide

Don’t know what to give that special someone this year?  Instead of the usual gifts, why not give something this Christmas that is different and will be remembered? TruPrep actually has a huge assortment of unique items that are perfect gifts for the prepared and unprepared alike!  We asked our expert team members what their favorite gift items are and they came up the following great gift ideas!

Amy does it all. She is a mother, a wife, a student and a career woman. Between writing papers, doing laundry and being a taxi mom, she makes time every day to do a little something to make sure that she and her family will be safe in case of a disaster. Ultimately she loves life and has a very positive attitude. She believes in hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.
Sport Berkey Water Bottle – $24.99
“The Sport Berkey could save your life. Water is essential for survival and this portable water purification bottle is the perfect size to take with you. Keep one in your bug-out-bag, your car and at work. I keep mine with me at all times.”
Eton FRX2 Weather AM/FM Radio – $39.99
“When the lights go out and the TV shuts off, we want to know why! We are in the information age and we have a desire to stay informed. This radio can power up using solar energy or by it’s hand crank when the sun is not out. It can even be used to charge your smart phone!”

Paracord Fusion Ties Vol 1 $18.95 WITH paracord needle $3.99 AND 3 colors of paracord $23.85 Totaling $46.80
“Men Women Teens and kids all love paracord! This cord is not only useful in hundreds of situations, it is borderline addicting once you figure out a few of the knots. The projects are endless just like the color combinations! Paracord also makes a great stocking stuffer!”

Mountain House Just In Case Classic Assortment Bucket – $75.22
“A best seller! This light weight bucket has an assortment of tasty meals including breakfast. The bucket is designed as a  grab and go option for when you need to head out fast. The bucket itself can be used for emergency situations once it is empty for things like gathering water, sitting on around a camp fire or heck… even as a toilet!”


An aspiring farmer, homesteading guru and organic gardening connoisseur, Amanda currently has a garden and raises chickens in her suburban backyard but hopes to purchase land outside of the city and start a self-sufficient homestead.  Amanda is always at the ready to help customers when needed.
AMK SOL Survival Medic – $12.99
“This survival kit is a perfect little stocking stuffer for loved ones who may not be prepping for themselves. It has all the basics for emergency survival. Packed inside the ultralight waterproof pouch is an emergency blanket, a one-handed Fire Lite striker, waterproof tinder, a rescue whistle, duct tape, safety pins, and a button compass, as well as antiseptic wipes, Ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment, and bandages to patch up cuts and scrapes. Give it to a spouse or child to keep in their car or backpack in case of emergency.”
Just In Case (Book) – $15.95
“The perfect intro to prepping for those family members who don’t quite get it.”
Leatherman Skeletool CX – $49.99
“This little multi-tool is lightweight (only 5oz) and fits perfectly on a key ring. Tools included are pliers, Wire Cutters, 420HC combo Knife, carabiner clip/bottle opener and a large bit driver.”
EXOTAC nanoSTRIKER – $24.99
The perfect way to always have a fire source with you! Small enough to fit on a key ring, lightweight and completely enclosed. Plus it just looks cool. Any prepper would love to have one.”
Doug is a man for all seasons, particularly winter.   After living in the Alaskan Bush with his family of four, he’s returning to Atlanta to motivate others to be prepared just like his hero Dick Proenneke (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Proenneke)
Baker Creek Lettuce Seed Garden – $2.25
“Easy to grow and easy to eat. A window tray full is really a treat!”
Ball Jars – $Various
Great for canning but better for drinking. I keep a few in my freezer all the time for Rootbeer floats!”
Paracord Shoe Strings – As low as $7.95
“Always with you and never obtrusive.”
Ron knows his books.  An avid reader and prepper at heart, Ron can help guide you to the perfect book for any need!
Shoestring Survivalism (Book) – $18.99
“Excellent starter book for folks looking to get started with prepping without breaking the bank.”
50 Cal Ammo Can – $16.99
“Can never have enough ammo cans.  Excellent storage for all sorts of items, not just ammunition. “

German Surplus Esbit Stove – $5.99
“Neat little item, perfect for heating up a cup of coffee.  Folds for easy storage and ideal for a bug out bag.  Comes with 6 fuel tablets that store within stove.”

Automotive Car Survival Kit – $59.99
“Anyone who has ever been stranded can appreciate a prepper’s kit for their car.”