What’s Health and Fitness got to do with Prepping?

What’s Health and Fitness got to do with Prepping?

I am glad you asked. Health and fitness actually has more to do with the actual “what if” situation itself. For example, do you have a bug-out-bag or are you considering putting one together? Consider a situation where you would have to grab it and go. How far are you planning on hiking? How is the terrain? Have you hiked this path before? I suggest that you actually try it carrying your backpack. Along with a good pair of shoes (and extra socks in case it rains) you will be better of on this journey if you are in shape. You might think that simply walking would not be difficult. I beg to differ. When you add weight and distance, it’s a good workout.

Here is another possible scenario: It is winter time and you are cold because the heat does not work, but you have a fireplace. Have you ever chopped and hauled wood before? If you haven’t, I suggest you give it a try. Swinging an ax like a lumberjack will have you huffing and puffing if you are not used to it.

How about your water situation. If water isn’t coming out of your faucet, you would have to get it from somewhere. Have you ever hauled water before? It is suggested that you need about 3 gallons of water per person per day (for drinking, cooking, washing up and for hygiene). How many people are in your family? How many gallons of water does this work out to be every day for you? How many trips to a water source would it take carring one gallon. Have you ever carried a full 5 gallon bucket? It weighs over 40 lbs. If you haven’t ever done this, again I say, I suggest you give it a whirl.

Have you ever had to run away from anyone? If someone were chasing you because you had something that they wanted (and you didn’t have a weapon to protect yourself) what are the chances that you could outrun them? I’m just sayin’.

So if you have already ditched your New Year’s Resolution to drop a few pounds and get healthy, I hope that this will motivate you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and continue on. You could even work out by practicing some of the mentioned scenarios. Get the family involved and have fun with it. Find a scenic state park and go for a hike. Use some of your survival gear. Don’t just sit around reading blogs all day long for goodness sake! Get off your tush and get moving!

Happy Trails!

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