Things That Catch Fire (Alternative Fire Fuel)

Okay, so I have some friends that probably shouldn’t try the following projects unsupervised. I know that there are others of you out there who probably require supervision… you know who you are. Be smart about this people. Grab a fire extinguisher and do this outside.

Here we go

Other than candles, there are some interesting things that you can burn for light or heat. Take crayons for example. I saw a guy on Youtube light a crayon and use it like a candle . I tried it and it works like a charm! Oh, and please don’t let your kids see you do this! I promise you will have melted magenta drips embedded into your carpet or maybe a burned down house. This is a no-no. Also, you need a metal base like a tin lid or something. A paper plate is not a good idea for obvious reasons.

Here are some other things that make good candle alternatives:

Chapstick can be used with a Q-tip as a candle.    Chapstick is petroleum based (like vaseline… petroleum jelly…)

Olive Oil Lamp
These are sold at Lehman’s, but if you are a do-it-your-selfer… give it a shot (

These are just awesome, and they really work.

Crisco (shortening)  
This works extremely well! All you need is shortening, a can or jar and a wick

Coffee can, toilet paper and rubbing alcohol
This works great as a stove
The toilet paper tube is removed from the toilet paper roll then shoved into a can. It is then filled with rubbing alcohol. When lit the paper acts as a wick and doesn’t burn (if it remains full of alcohol). This one is one of my favorites.

Rocket Stove
A rocket stove is also a great project. This one takes a little more doin’… altho well worth it!

Terracotta pot heater
While you are catching things on fire, why not harness that heat and utilize it? The idea behind this is simple. The terracotta pot holds and radiates heat. All it takes is a flame underneath!

These are great weekend projects and are good skills to have in an emergency situation. But you don’t want to wait! Practice now. Have fun and be smart.