The Mayan Calendar Had a Flip Side

Well, it turns out that the Mayan calendar had another side. Apparently, it just needed to be turned over to reveal the following years. That side is actually a kitten calendar if I’m not mistaken. Regardless, this is bad news for me… I have a feeling that the credit card companies are expecting payment at the end of the month for all of the debt that I racked up in anticipation of the end of the world. I guess I should have thought that through a bit better.

But all joking aside, we here at Truprep weren’t surprised to see the dawning of a new day. Quite frankly, we expected it. So you might be wondering, “Well, won’t this hurt business?” Heck no! Business has been booming. Being prepared for emergency situations is just common sense. If someone came to you and said, “Hey, I heard that from now on out no one will ever be snowed in or lose electricity in the winter.” or “Hey, I heard that because the stars are aligned just right, no one will ever experience another flood. Yahoo!” If someone staked these ridiculous claims, you would look at them with your head cocked to the side as if to ask what they have been smoking. News flash: DIsasters happens. Thank you, Captain Obvious. The million dollar question is “When and Where?” If I could answer that, I would be a rich woman!

So, yes, business is good and only getting better. This is because people like you are waking up, not relying on others for survival, and have the desire to be self sufficient. Good for you.

Happy Post-Mayan Calendar Survival Day (I am totally going to push to have that recognized as a National Holiday!)

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