Solid Striking Fire Starters: What is the Deal?

Solid Striking Fire Starters: What is the Deal?

Names like Flint Stricker, FireSteel, Blastmatch, Mag Striker, PolyStriker are used for basically the same type of product, a ferrocerium firestarter. These different products have the same function, to start a fire without matches or a gas-lighter.  But how do they work and why should you have one in your bug-out-bag? Let’s go over the differences. 

Starting a fire easily is something we as modern people take for granted. There are so many easy ways to start a fire these days, it isn’t until we need to start a fire and don’t have the means to do it does one start to appreciate having a fire starter with you.  Maybe you are out hiking in the winter and fall into the cold water and all of your gear is wet, including your matches. Having another option to start a fire is a good idea. Having a fire-starting tool that can withstand whatever kind of conditions that nature throws at you can be invaluable. That is the reason that these products were put on the market. They are a great backup system to have.

How do they work? Well, each product works a little bit differently but all of them work under the same principles. You have a device that when struck via a metal object creates a spark and this spark catches your kindling on fire. The differences are, how the metal strikes the device. One constant is that friction is needed.

Exotac has a large catalog of firestarting products. The PolySTRIKER line is one of their more popular. To use this item all one must do is take the fire striking tool out of the handle and strike the firestarting rod with the intent that the 5,500℉ will fall directly onto the dry kindling and ignite the fuel.

Another variation is the Blastmatch from UST (Ultimate Survival Technologies) which basically makes everything into one piece. The fire-starting rod is loaded onto a spring within a handle. This handle has a piece of angled medal that presses up against the rod and when pressed down onto a hard surface creates as shower of sparks which then lands on the kindling. This is very easy to use and convenient as you will never lose the other piece of the unit.  

Some other similar firestarters include a magnesium block in which to cut shavings off of to create a small pile. SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) has a product like this called the Mag Striker. The idea is that you shave some of the magnesium off of the tool and use the attached striker on the fire-starting rod with the sparks landing on the magnesium shavings and igniting them at 5,400℉. This is more than enough heat to light your dry kindling.

There are several other variations out there and many of them our on our website  


All of these firestarters need one thing to be useful, and that is dry kindling to catch the sparks. Dry tissue paper, sock lint, cotton balls, even natural items like fluff from cattails and birchbark work great.

Come by the store or visit our website to purchase one or more of these and test them out for yourselves.  If you have experience with these items, please tell us all about it in the comments and leave reviews on our website.  


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  • When I started prepping, I got a lot of firestarters. I got a few as backups if one didn’t work. Ya gotta practice starting a fire. The Firestarter that is my favorite is a firesteel from Firesteel.Com. I don’t remember how I heard about the product After a period of time I purchased several of them because they are that good and reasonable. I demonstrated one for my sister and she lit the bbq.
    I have never seen FireSteel.Com. advertised for such a good product. Check out the Website and decide for yourself.
    Note: I have given out a few as gifts.


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