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During most serious emergencies, utility power won’t be an option.  It doesn’t take much to disrupt the power grid that supplies the power we take for granted every day.  We are simply one bad ice storm, one bad hurricane, one major utility disruption, or even one major solar event to cut off our access to the power we rely on every day for the most simple of tasks.

There are many options for solar power to cover a wide array of applications.  From grid tied power and large systems tied to your home breaker panel to small portable solar power options for on the go, TruPrep has you covered witn for every situation!

Flexibility is key during any disaster! One of the best features with all Goal Zero products is flexibility. They provide flexibility when charging and flexiblity in application of their devices to provide power.  There are also multiple levels of devices to meet any need.


Flexible Charging
For example, you can charge Goal Zero products using a myriad of sources.  You can utilize AC power to charge them when it is available using several sources.  With large devices such as the Yeti 1400 and 3000 you can even connect multiple AC inputs at once to aggregate power and charge it even faster!  Alternatively, you can tap into any 12 volt source such as your car other 12V DC source.  Lastly, you can charge using one of the many available solar options provided by Goal Zero.  Regardless of your situation, if you have access to power or the sun, you can obtain power with Goal Zero and store it.

Flexible Use
The same flexibility is also evident when utilizing your Goal Zero devices to power your devices.  Using the Home Integration kit, you can connect the Yeti 1400 or 3000 directly to your home and power up to 4 circuits during an emergency.  If you decided you want power on the go, simply load it up and take it with you!  All Goal Zero devices shine when mobile such as on a vacation or camping.  With various outputs such as USB-A, USB-C, USB-PD, 12V Car port, 12V 6mm port, 12V Power Pole port, and an AC Invertor outputs available across its product line, there are outputs for every situation.  Some devices, such as the Yeti 1400 and 3000 include all available ports and include wifi integration for continuous monitoring and control from anywhere in the world!  

See the chart below for  a comparison of all  Goal Zero Power Storage units:

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