Paracord Uses

So what’s the deal with everyone walking around with paracord bracelets, belts and dog leashes? There is even a paracord book written on the subject of tying paracord.  Is this some sort of a fad? Well kinda. But there are actually many uses for paracord; the fashion statement is just a way of having it handy… there when you need it. 

Let me start off with a quick story. I was working one day at our Marietta retail store and a guy comes in looking to buy a new paracord bracelet. He told me that he had disassembled his previous bracelet when he was in a fender-bender. He went on to tell me that the bumper of his car was bend down and was resting on his front tires. He untied his bracelet, which extended to a 9 foot piece of cord, tied up his bumper and drove off to a body shop. Good for you buddy, that’s using your head 🙂

Here are some other possible uses for paracord… let your imagination go wild!

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Paracord Uses:

  • Tie up tarps
  • Tie down a tent
  • Make a shelter
  • Make or tie up a hammock
  • Fix a backpack
  • Use bright colors to mark your trail
  • Hang a backpack from a tree (keeping it out of rain puddles
  • Hang food from a tree (away from animals)
  • Hang up a flag
  • Make a snare
  • Make a rock sling
  • Make a gun sling
  • Hang up a lantern
  • Bow drill for a fire starter
  • Tie up your rolled up sleeping bag
  • A pulley system for heavy objects
  • Bundle firewood for easier transportation
  • Clothes line
  • A jump rope for board kids
  • Make a swing
  • Shoe/Boot lace
  • Belt
  • Dog leash
  • Identify members of a group with certain color bracelet, lanyard…
  • Trip wire attached to cans or bells as an alert
  • Tie up a bad guy
  • Tourniquet
  • Arm sling for broken arm
  • Make a stretcher
  • Make a splint along with sticks
  • Tie garden vegetables (like tomatoes) to stakes
  • Fish stringer to transport your catch

Small inner strings:

  • Fishing line
  • Repair a fishing net
  • Dental Floss
  • Sewing thread
  • Sutures

Don’t stop here. Add your own ideas and keep a copy in your go-bag. It’s sure to come in handy.

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