Merry Christmas!

A Very Merry Christmas to all of my readers! Christmas is a two month long holiday that seems to be encroaching into October. I’m not quite sure how that happened… but there it is.

You might be looking for a great Christmas gift for friends or family that could be useful in an emergency situation. That’s a better idea than giving them something that will end up in next year’s garage sale. Here are some suggestions:

Truprep’s Best Sellers:

  • Sport Berkey Water Bottle $24.99
    This is no ordinary water bottle! This is a portable water purification system. You can literally scoop up water from a puddle and drink it straight out of the straw. The water is pulled through a filter that filters out particles as small as bacteria, heavy metals and viruses.

  • Big Berkey $258.00
    This gravity fed water purification system could be a life saver! If you end up on a boil advisory, or worse, have no water coming out of your taps, you can run lake water through this baby and have purified water without boiling!

  • Eton FRX2 Radio $39.99
    This radio is perfect for power outages.  It is am AM/FM/Weather radio that can be powered by solar, DC or with the hand crank. It also comes with a USB cell phone charger cable.

  • SAS Survival Guide $7.99
    Great Stocking Stuffer! This pocket size reference book is perfect of a go bag.  It is filled with a wealth of information to get you through many disaster scenarios.

  • Paracord $7.99 & Paracord Instructional Book $18.95
    The new duct tape! With 139 different colors, this versatile cord can be used for anything from shoelaces to belts to dog leashes. The book (Paracord Fusion Ties Vol 1 &/or 2) is stuffed full with projects

  • Mountain House Classic Bucket $75.22
    This bucket has an assortment of freeze dried meals and stores up to 20 to 30 years! The bucket is a great grab-’n-go option that can be used for other things such as a seat around a campfire or, once emptied, for gathering water.


Lastly, but most importantly, I pray that everyone remembers to keep the Christmas focus where it belongs. We are celebrating our Savior’s birth. Think about this: Our God hears from us most often when we are in need, hurting, or are going through hard times. If you are reading blogs on emergency preparedness websites, chances are that you believe that something like that could happen to you and your family. Don’t forget about the best resource you have available to you: your loving Father.

Merry Christmas all!