It’s Solar Power Month at TruPrep

Power has become an essential part of our lives.  From our phones to our computers, tablets, watches and other electronic devices and even lights, we have become dependent on these devices every day.  With that in mind, are you prepared for a power disruption?  This could come from a power grid failure, major storm, solar flare or even over-demand! 

This month at TruPrep, we are focusing on Solar Power as part of our emergency preparedness planning and there is no better manufacturer for Solar Power products than Goal Zero!  Goal Zero has been in the business of solar power for many years and have perfected a product line that is both versatile and expandable.  Many of their products interoperate with one another and are expandable to meet your needs.  With a device such as the Yeti 300 0Power Station, you can use the same device to provide power while tailgating, while on vacation or a weekend camping trip or even tie it into your house to provide backup power during an ice storm!  This is just one of the many versatile products available from Goal Zero! 

To get started, familiarize yourself with Solar Power and the different Goal Zero options at the link below.  Then see the next set of links for the sales, giveaways and other information!

Getting Started with Solar Power and Goal Zero

This month as part of Solar Power Month at Truprep, we are offering workshops, sales, giveaways and other free gear!  Check them out the links below for more info!