How to Bug Out when the Roads are Clogged?

How to Bug Out when the Roads are Clogged?

The hurricane or forest fires are coming. Or society has collapsed and everyone is fleeing the cities to the countryside and the cars are now clogging the roads and no one is going anywhere. What do you do?  There are many options, however, we will not be going over taking to the air as there are few of us that will actually have a plane, blimp or balloon to make this possible. So, we will stick with the most common ways of escape.

You need to watch the news and get to where you are going before the golden horde decides it is time to get out of Dodge. Most smart people will pre-deploy their stockpile of goods well before the bad stuff gets too out of control.  But not everyone will do this… Or can’t do this because of where you happen to be at the time of the collapse, like on vacation or on a business trip.

So if you find yourself unable to get to your bug-out location early there are a few things you can do to get there without being stuck on the highways and walking your way through the crowds.

  1. Motorcycles and bikes with trailers:  You might find yourself stuck in traffic in a car or RV but there is enough room on each side of the road, in between cars and along trails. Take enough gas/food and supplies to get you to where you are going.
  2. Boats on rivers, lakes and the ocean: Bypassing the jam packed highways could be a lifesaver for you and your family. Maybe your boat IS your bug-out location. If your boat isn’t big enough to wait out a catastrophe then maybe it is enough to get you out of harm’s way and you can take more gear than you would if you were just hoofing it.
  3. Walk the railroad tracks: Railroad tracks are a good and unpopular way to get out of town. They are usually very level, span over rivers and valleys and usually go forgotten by the main population. You can probably ride your bikes and motorcycles along them as well. So get a map and make sure you keep an eye on where the tracks are.
  4. National, state and park trails systems: Know your local trail systems. TruPrep is located near the Appalachian and Benton MacKaye trail systems which total close to 2500 miles. There are also many more miles of offshoot trails as well. One could very easily establish a short bug out root on those trails.

Now, these are not the only ways to get out of town and we are sure some of you out there in Prepperville have their own ways out. We would love to hear your tips and ideas below in the comment section!  

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  • Gas pipeline and power company right of ways. There’s a Williams pipeline right of way behind my house I’ve traced on Google maps all the way to Louisiana. Sometimes the pipes go under the river, sometimes over the river. You may have to get wet. High voltage power line right of ways have those huge metal man looking towers with three large wires spanning between them. In a SHTF situation, if the wire is on the ground, still stay away from it.

    • I agree Tom… that is a great idea. Also follow power lines…unfortunately they can go over lakes and rivers and you can’t always do that!

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