Freeze Dried Foods: Serving Size Confusion

Okay, this box of freeze dried food is telling me that there are 52 servings inside… does that mean it will last 52 days? 52 meals? Is this enough for me and my family? I don’t get it!

Does this sound like you? It can be hard to know how much food you need, let alone compare different brands of Freeze Dried Foods if you don’t understand this. Especially when the serving sizes differ from product to product! So let’s simplify this, shall we?

First off, “Serving” does not mean the same thing as “Meal.” Think of a “serving” as a scoop or soup ladle. Let’s say for example that you made up a yummy batch of homemade chicken noodle soup and invited me and my 15 year old son over for lunch. I would be satisfied with one to two scoops (servings) depending on how hungry I was, and/or if you offered anything along with it, like a “serving” of cornbread. My son on the other hand would probably eat a big bowl with about three scoops (servings) and half of the cornbread (two or three “servings”.) You get the picture.

So it really boils down to who you are. Yes, literally. If you are like me, a forty-tmmmuffle, I mean thirty-ish year old woman, you would need about 1800 calories a day. But if you are like my highly active fifteen year old son, you would need about 3000 calories a day.

Okay, now figure out the calorie needs of the rest of your family if you haven’t already done so. Consider not only the current age of your children, but the age they might be when you need to rely on your Freeze Dried Foods. Got it? Total it up and that is how many calories you and your family need per day to maintain your current body mass.

So instead of looking solely at the serving size, consider how many calories your family needs per day. Check the total calories labeled in the food by multiplying the calories by the amount of servings in the container. Then divide that by your calories needed. This will give you a good idea about how long that particular food should last.

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