Food Shortage Update – Shelves Replenished!

You have been keeping us busy here at TruPrep!  Over the last few weeks/months, we have seen a massive increase in activity among our customer base as everyone is getting anxious about current and potential upcoming events.  Due to drastically increased demand, we have been scrambling to keep our most popular products in stock and we aren’t the only ones!  Our most popular manufacturers including Berkey and Mountain House are also experiencing shortages which only helps justify the concerns that many of you feel of late.  To better serve you, we are going to begin providing more frequent updates and increased communication.  Despite our best efforts, late last week we sold out of all Mountain House Just-in-case food buckets. We received a large Mountain House order today which replenished our shelves, have another due in on Monday and another placed just this week to keep up with recent demand.

Unfortunately, we are told that some of the more popular Mountain House #10 can entrees may be back-ordered nationwide for 2-8 weeks.  In addition, new Classic and Breakfast Bucket orders may be months away.  We currently have stock of ALL buckets and our Monday shipment next week will include more.  Once those are gone, we are at the mercy of the Mountain House fulfillment centers.  We do want to remind everyone that we do carry other alternatives to Mountain house and we believe the Gourmet Reserves freeze-dried products now owned by Katadyn are of comparable quality to Mountain House.   We are also fully stocked with Keystone Meats, our most popular supplier of meat products!  Don’t be caught without when you need it most just because there is a nationwide shortage of Mountain House.  While we do have plenty of Mountain House products this week, there are many other options available!  The types of items they are running out of show that people nationwide are buying long-term minded food and buying it in large quantities.  This should only strengthen your resolve to get prepared today if you aren’t already.

We want to remind everyone not to delay or put off your preparations.  Runs like this go to show what can happen when people get concerned and believe something is on the horizon.  Once disaster strikes, it is TOO LATE to start preparing, so we urge you to take care of your needs today!  If you want help on getting started.

To reiterate, we have been scrambling and it has paid off.  We have been able to procure difficult to obtain products when it is highest in demand.  Come by today and get prepped!
Mountain House – Mostly stocked with more on the way!
American Medical Kits – Fully Stocked!
Reliance Water Storage Products – Fully Stocked!
Berkey Water Filters – Mostly stocked with more on the way!
Keystone Meats – Fully Stocked!
Canned Cheese/Ghee/Butter/Bacon – Fully Stocked!
Sawyer Water Filtration – Fully Stocked!
Datrex – Fully Stocked!

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