About TruPrep

An emergency preparedness company?

Emergency preparedness isn’t about having a bunker mentality or living in fear. It’s about living prepared. TruPrep.com will help you and your family by offering peace of mind, the knowledge that no matter what happens in life, you are ready. TruPrep.com is a resource for everyone from Wall Street to Main Street, people living everyday lives.

We at TruPrep don’t suggest hiding in a fallout shelter. Rather, we encourage living your life to its fullest by being prepared for emergencies. By making basic preparations, you lower the stress from financial strain, job insecurity, natural disasters, or even man-made catastrophes. We want you to be able to answer yes to the following question: If something happened today that altered your current standard of living negatively, would you and your family be OK?

TruPrep.com has the equipment you need to cope with everything from a short power outage or roadside emergency, to the full-blown disasters that challenge us. Many of us dismiss even the thought of emergency preparedness because we don’t want to be seen as paranoid or just believe that help will arrive as soon as a crisis occurs.

Every emergency situation presents its own set of challenges and help is not always easily found in the chaos. Hurricane Katrina provides a dramatic example: Help came, but in many situations it was too late and more than 1,400 people died. Many of those deaths were attributed to food and water shortages as well as unsanitary water conditions. Such a scenario can be scary and stressful to think about, especially if we remain unprepared.

At TruPrep.com, we provide tested tools and the know-how to prepare you and your family for any physical crisis. Our emergency go-packs, water purification, and long-term food systems will help sustain you and your family during emergencies.


wil·der·ness (wldr-ns)


1. Something characterized by bewildering vastness, perilousness, or unchecked profusion

2. A confused mass or collection.

Be it vast mountains, uncultivated forests, or the steel jungle of a

major metropolis, any terrain has the potential to become a wilderness–a confusing and, yes, dangerous environment. Whether you’re trekking Kilimanjaro, camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains or in the comfort of your high-rise apartment in downtown Manhattan, being prepared is priceless. At TruPrep, we supply you with forgiving resources for unforgiving


At TruPrep our goal is to keep you informed through our community portal and our “Learn More” sections, and keep you prepared through our online shop.

TruPrep is a survival preparation store. We support three segments of survival preparation:

·Recreation: Hiking the Appalachian Trail or climbing a remote mountain is fun. But even good fun can lead to challenging circumstances. Be prepared. At minimum a weekend hiker should carry a first aid kit, water purification and 72-hours worth of food. TrueWilderness can help you prepare.

·Occupation: Are you a park volunteer or part of a mountain rescue team? We want to help you prepare for the unknown.

·Crisis: One of the more compelling reasons to prepare is a crisis. Rainy-day preparation can be a lifesaver in extreme circumstances. Don’t think it can happen to you? Think again. Natural disasters are unpredictable and are responsible for thousands of lost lives and hundreds of thousands of lost homes. Terrorism is perhaps the most unpredictable of crises. When and where will it happen and on what scale? Be aware and be prepared. Use the links below to discover how you can prepare.



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