Does Your Family have a Bug Out Plan?

Does Your Family have a Bug Out Plan?

You have been preparing for the worst in order to protect your family and friends. You have stocked up on everything you think you would need to sustain a disaster or societal collapse.

Now what if you and your family are not near your stockpile of supplies when the disaster happens? Do you have a set plan on where to go and how to get there? Maybe this info will help you out.

For this scenario we are going to assume that they are a family of four who live in a medium sized city in the United States. We have Mom, Dad, little Jimmy and baby Sally.  There are also extended family such as the in-laws, aunts, uncles, sisters brothers and grandparents. Lots of moving parts and lots of loved ones to think about during hard and unexpected times.

Since we have so many loved ones who could be all over the metro area at the time of a disaster, we must plan.  In this scenario the power grid goes down and communications, traffic-lights, public transportation and internet all go down. Mom and Dad thought this might happen and had an existing plan that was discussed at length with the entire family. Everyone knows where to go, what the rally point is, what they need to do when they get there and most importantly HOW to get there.

This family was smart… grandma and grandpa have a three acre plot of land 75-miles north of the city with a modest old farmhouse on the property. This house has a well, is 20-miles from any major highway, and is hidden from any main road.  This home has been stocked with food, water, water filtration systems, first aid supplies,helpful information literature/books, home defense items, power supplies and communication gear to monitor the area and any news that comes in.

Another smart move by Mom and Dad was to have bug-out-bags with three days of supplies, stored in the trunks of each car. These bags had water, shelter, fire starting tools, gloves, a hat, radio, food and a battery pack.  They were really thinking ahead and were ready to go.

Now they have everything set up, ready to go, ready to ride out the storm, However the family is spread out the metro area. Five to 10 of their loved ones scattered in a 50-mile radius.  Now they need to rally and find their way to their supplies and safe haven.

Mom and Dad followed the plan, make their way home, grab the extra supplies from the house. Wait for 24-48 hours before heading to the rally point at the land north of the city. During that 24-48 hours Mom and Dad make their way home and get Jimmy and Sally from school and work their way home. Dad has already told Uncle Rick and the rest of the extended family where to go and how to get there.  Grandma and Grandpa are already there getting things ready.

Everyone else has a map and checklist on how to get to where they need to go.  Eventually after a few days in a car that has plenty of extra gas, the family has arrived to the farmhouse. Some of the family abandoned their cars and walked along the road or train tracks (I suggest walking the train tracks) and made it to the end point. Everyone is nice and safe and ready to ride out the storm until services get back on track.  

Having a plan is very important and really doesn’t take too much time and effort. Sit down one night, think of what you need. Then think of where it needs to be. After you are done with that part of the plan, get the family together for a BBQ and explain to them that if anything ever happens then meet here for this period of time and complete these tasks then head to this location to assemble where everyone can be safe and secure.  The other option is to just hope for the best, but I don’t think that is what would be best for little Jimmy and baby Sally.



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