Coronavirus… Should you be concerned?

It’s all over the news.  You cannot turn on the TV or radio these days without hearing about Coronavirus as it spreads in China.  People are being asked to self-quarantine here in the US.  In China, it is rumored you can be arrested in some areas for being in public without a mask.  Is this something we should be worried about?  Here at TruPrep, we have seen disasters come and go.  In 2014, it was Ebola.  During that time, we couldn’t keep N100 masks in stock.  They would sell out as quickly as they were received.  Everyone was concerned that Ebola would make its way here and there were even missionaries treated at Emory in Atlanta.  Then as quickly as it came, the media stopped talking about it almost overnight and all concern melted away. 

Is this outbreak another media fueled frenzy or is this one something we should be concerned about?  We again find ourselves in a situation where we cannot keep N100 and P100 masks in stock.  Customers are buying food and water filtration in higher demand that usual.  Almost every day we get news that the outbreak in China has been under reported and actuality is worse than we thought.  The incubation period was first reported to be 14 days and then reported to be as much as 24 days, but no one seems to have concrete information.  So what do you do?  At TruPrep, we are doing the same thing we do every day. 

A viral outbreak isn’t really any different than any other disaster.  Whether you prepare for a snowstorm, an earthquake, hurricane, EMP, asteroid strike, viral epidemic, or any other calamity you can conceive, the underlying preparation is the same.  You make sure you have the essentials to survive independently of anyone else for a sustained period of time.  This means making sure you have enough food, water, first aid and other supplies to live cut off from the rest of society.  Virus outbreaks bring with it the need to provide protection if you think you or someone you love might become infected however. 

As always, here at TruPrep, we strive to “Prepare Today for a Worry-free Tomorrow”.  The chance for disaster doesn’t go away.  We are happy that some eyes are being opened with the recent advent of the Coronavirus, but no one should freak out.  Just prepare like you normally should for any disaster and you should be fine.  Time will tell if this event is something we should really worry about or just something that becomes a fleeting thought.  The bottom line is to “Prepare Today for a Worry-free Tomorrow”.