Integrity Medical Devices Petrolatum Gauze 3"x18"

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Petrolatum gauze dressings are used in all hospital or clinic areas where wounds are dressed including the burn unit, OR, emergency room, surgery-centers, nursing homes, physician’s office and industrial clinics. Petrolatum gauze represents a sterile, non-adhering primary dressing, packaged in convenient peel-open, tamper proof packages. Our petrolatum gauze products are U.S.P. Absorbent Gauze, impregnated with U.S.P. Petrolatum that is non-adhering, clings and conforms to the wound without sticking. It is a comfortable, soothing hypoallergenic dressing. Petrolatum also Inhibits loss of body fluids and helps to protect the wound site from contamination. A single layer provides effective coverage. Because of the physiological neutral nature of petrolatum, it can be used on any non-draining wound. Product Uses: Non-draining wounds Skin Grafts Circumcision Abrasions Burns Umbilical bandage Chest tube incision Fistulas Stomas