Georgia Gun Law: Armed And Educated

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Discover the answers to questions all gun owners should know, such as: "Can I be sued if I shoot someone in self-defense?," "If my child gains access to my firearm, am I in trouble?," and "Can I be charged with a crime for shooting a dog before it bites me?" Written by attorneys with a passion for firearms, Georgia Gun Law: Armed And Educated provides Georgia gun owners the tools necessary to help prevent a catastrophic mistake that could result in a financial meltdown and legal nightmare. U.S. Law Shield has observed while protecting their 230,000+ members that even though most feel confident, the average gun owner does not know enough gun law to stay completely legal. It is the law that distinguishes murder from self-defense, so if you own a gun and don't know the law, you are vulnerable! Get Georgia Gun Law: Armed And Educated today!