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Canned Ghee - 14 Ounces

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Canned Ghee - 14 Ounces
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Canned Ghee: Pronounced with a hard "G" and silent "h" (like bee), ghee is clarified butter... that is, butter with the lactose and milk solids removed. This remarkable cooking oil requires no refrigeration and has an extremely long shelf life. Ghee is a pourable liquid at room temperature, and can be used in any type of cooking. It has easy-cooking properties, and its amazing taste enriches the flavors of both sweet and savory foods. It has an excellent aroma and is so flavorful that you can use a third to half less than you would of other cooking oils. Having a high burning point, it won't burn or smoke when sautéing or frying food. It can be used for barbecuing or in baking, replacing butter and oils. Each can contains 14 ounces.

Incredible shelf life: Finding storable oils can be difficult. Canola and olive oil, for example, have only a 1 to 3 year shelf life. Because it's canned and pasteurized right in the airtight can, ghee's shelf life is a minimum of 10 years (and likely longer). In other products, water is a major culprit in shortening shelf life; the moisture content of our ghee is less than 1% (compared to 8% for ordinary butter). Ghee keeps for months without refrigeration even after opening as long as you keep out all water and other contaminants; be sure to serve from the container only with a clean and DRY spoon each time. (Opened ghee may be refrigerated if you choose, but if you do, beware of allowing condensation to form on the container's inside rim where it can get into the ghee and cause spoilage.) Our canned ghee is stamped with the manufacturing date, but no expiration date because because it has passed the USDA test demonstrating it has a shelf life in excess of five years.

Health benefits: Ghee is healthful because it’s 100% natural, containing no trans-fats, artificial ingredients or preservatives. It's also high in vitamin A and is lactose free. Ghee aids digestion and nutrient assimilation – unlike the empty calories from most oils. Though it's just becoming known among consumers in the U.S, ghee has been a chef's secret in the kitchens of health-conscious restaurants for years, and it's actually been used worldwide for millennia. Starting from fresh pasteurized cream, our ghee is produced in the USA.

You can't beat the rich, creamy, buttery taste of genuine butter. It's all there, plus extended shelf life, with ghee!

  • 100% natural
  • Zero trans-fats
  • No artificial ingredients or preservatives
  • Lactose free
  • 99.99% pure butter concentrate
  • Rich source of Vitamin A
  • Aids digestion and nutrient assimilation
  • High 475° smoke point prevents scorching
  • Baked goods stay fresh longer
  • Reduces the use of butter by 1/3 or more