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Defensive Shotgun - Setup and Use (10/7/17 @ 10:30AM)

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Defensive Shotgun - Setup and Use (10/7/17 @ 10:30AM)
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The shotgun is an ubiquitous weapon in the arsenals of America; military, law enforcement, and civilian.  They are supremely versatile and a quality model can be quite inexpensive when compared to a comparable quality handgun or carbine.  

Few weapons are as flexible as the scattergun when it comes to the range of ammunition available.  While a shotgun doesn't replace a good carbine in all roles, their tasks do overlap, and the shotgun is capable of much more than a lot of firearms gurus give it credit for.  

This course covers such topics as:

  • Brief history of the shotgun's use as a combat arm
  • Pump vs semi-auto vs break-action
  • Semi-autos: gas-operated vs recoil-operated vs inertia-operated
  • Pros and cons of various manufacturers' models
  • Differences between an 870 Police model and a non-Police model
  • Ammunition selection
  • Accessories such as sights, lights, optics, slings, ammo carriers, and stocks
  • Differences in chokes, backboring, and lengthening of the forcing cone(s)
  • Loading, unloading, and switching loads with various models
  • Use of different types of slings
  • Transitioning to a secondary weapon (handgun)
  • Use of strong and support side cover
  • Maintenance
  • Safe storage

Instructor Bio: Rob Sheppard is the owner and chief instructor ofPrecision Applications, LLC, a full-line firearms and tactics training company. Prior to starting Precision Applications, Shep was a Scout/Sniper in the United States Marine Corps and a SWAT Sniper for the Marietta Police Department. In addition to holding instructor certifications for a wide selection of firearms types, Shep is also an instructor for Use of Force, Team/Individual Tactics, and Less Lethal.  Shep is currently employed in a law enforcement capacity with the Department of Homeland Security.

Additional Information

Location Marietta
Date Oct 7, 2017
Time 10:30AM-12:30PM