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Paladin Press Survival & Self-Reliance

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Paladin Press Survival & Self-Reliance
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2 hours with Mountain Mel DeWeese, Meuninck, Forgey and Clark

CONTENT:  INCLUDES ALL NEW "Self Reliance Skills" 
Discover survival skills most humans have forgot.  Learn how to direct knowledge and primitive technology toward defeating the Seven Enemies that threaten your life.  With the survival skills and tools shown in this video you can leave the trail, disappear into the bush and return to do it again and again.

Four survival experts demonstrate how to…

-Start a fire without a match eighteen different ways
(see the new Japanese Fire Wire demonstrated). 
-Treat wilderness injuries, illnesses and infections. 
-Make survival tools from stone or plant materials. 
-Car driving tips to avoid accidents and wilderness hazards. 
-Build emergency shelters using nature’s gifts. 
-Survive heat and cold stress. 
-Use high efficiency homemade pop-can stove. 
-Make unique survival kits for your pack and car. 
-Lure fish with a banana, catch them with your hands. 
-Fend off grizzly bears, rattlesnakes and stingrays. 
-Camp skillfully and cook like a wilderness wizard. 
-Effectively signal for help in any environment. 
-Identify and use wild edible and medicinal plants. 
-Find water, sterilize it and use it to survive. 
-Capture, process and smoke wild foods. 
-Use traps, snares, deadfalls and throwing sticks. 
-Defeat the seven enemies that threaten your life. 
-Turn everyday items into wilderness life savers. 
-Prepare for and survive natural disasters.
-Identify Edible Wild Plants and Medicinal Plants. 
-Survive unexpected emergencies by navigating safely through the bush.  

REVIEWS:  “Most highly recommended! If you value your life and the lives of your loved ones, watch this tape.” 
                        -T.C. Wallace, S.E.R.E. Instructor U.S. Navy (Retired)

  “Extremely informative and useful, beyond basic survival--Highly recommended.” 
                        -Sean McBride, Australian Green Beret Army Special Forces

“Meuninck has pulled out all the stops and come up with one of the best survival programs we have seen.”              -Scott Stoddard   “American Survival Guide”

“This practical and useful production ranges far beyond its title topic.” 
                                     -Burton Brooks  “School Library Journal”