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Welcome to TruPrep.com. At TruPrep.com we carry a large selection of food storage, survival kits, grain mills, water filters, water storage and . Everything you need for short term survival to long term survival.

Food Storage
At TruPrep.com you will find a large selection of food storage options from AlpineAire, Wise Foods, Mountain House, and Backpacker’s Pantry. If food storage is what you are looking for this is the place to shop for food storage, long term food storage, and food storage preparation. You will find food storage options for any length of time. If you are looking to stock up on food storage you have come to the right place. You will find the full line of Wise Foods, food storage systems as well as survival kits. You can purchase from the full line of AlpineAire food storage systems. We carry 1 year food storage, 6 month food storage, 3 month food storage, and 1 month food storage options from AlpineAire. TruPrep.com offers Mountain House freeze dried food packages that can be purchased in bulk and be used for food storage. You will find that buying food storage has never been easier at TruPrep.com.

Survival Kits
At TruPrep.com we offer survival kits from Wise Foods and TruPrep. Our product line includes 1 week survival kits, 2 week survival kits, and 72 hour survival kits. Wise Foods kits come in a two week deluxe survival kit model and a two week survival kit essentials model. Choosing the right survival kit is made easy. Just click on the survival kit tab at the top of the home page. Our survival kits are top of the line. Each survival kit comes with quality products that you can actually use in an emergency situation. Survival kits are also known as bug out bags or B.O.B. If you are interested in creating your own bug out bag or survival kit we also provide you with quality products to build your own survival kit or bug out bag. Visit our build a survival kit center for easy shopping.

Water Filters and Water Storage
At TruPrep.com we offer a wide array of water filters and water storage products. You will find water filter systems from Katadyn, Aquamira, General Ecology, Berkey Water Filters, and Reliance. Water purification is the most important aspect of survival. Having purified water to drink is essential to life. Our water filters are top of the line. Katadyn makes some of the most comprehensive water filters on the market. If you are looking for a small water filter or personal water filter, Katadyn and Aquamira are just what you need. If you are looking for a larger water filter solution, Berkey Water Filters are among the best in the water filter market. Having the right water filter for you makes all the difference.

Food Dehydrators and Pressure Cookers
At TruPrep.com we provide food dehydrators, pressure cookers, grain mills, and can sealers in our food preparation section. We carry only top of the line manufacturers for these products. Our food dehydrators are manufactured by Excalibur. Excalibur makes the most well know house hold food dehydrators on the market. Having a good food dehydrator in your home can be very beneficial in a survival situation. By having a food dehydrator you can dehydrate your own fruits and vegetables and preserve them to extend their shelf life. You can extend the shelf life of your dehydrated food even longer by having a pressure cooker. Having a quality pressure cooker like the ones we carry from Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry or WAFCO can extend the shelf life of your foods by up to a year depending on what foods you put in your pressure cooker. We carry the full line of pressure cookers from WAFCO. Having a quality pressure cooker in your home is necessity for long term survival.

Grain Mills
Another long term survival necessity is a quality Grain Mill. Having a quality Grain Mill in your home can save you time, money, and give you self-reliance. We carry grain mills from Country Living and Wonder Mill. Both Country Living grain mills and Wonder Mill grain mills are made in America and are extremely quality. We carry the full line of grain mills from both Country Living and Wonder Mill. We carry hand crank grain mills as well as electric grain mills. The Country Living grain mill can even be attached to a bicycle and grind grain as you ride. Choosing the right grain mill for you has never been easier than at TruPrep.com.