Our Mission


At TruPrep our mission is to provide top quality emergency preparedness supplies with unparalleled customer-service.

To that end we promise to…

– Provide “True Satisfaction” in every transaction.

– Educate our customers on equipment use and emergency preparedness through our Survival Center.

– Serve as model stewards for the preservation of the Earth.

How often have you been to a survival website and wondered “Who are the people behind this website? “ They often tell you little or nothing about who they really are. Here at TrueWilderness, you will find we are real people, and that we hold our selves accountable through our actions rather than through words alone, so that we may glorify God in all that we do. Most companies don’t publish their internal mission statements, the creed that drives every decision, but here lives the strength behind what we do, how we behave and why we do this work. We at True Wilderness resolve to…

– Nurture our employees, ensuring their loyalty.

– Serve our community through local and global mission work.

– Honor and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ in all business practices.